New Antibacterial Polyurethane helps Healthy Travel

On September 6, liming chemical research and Design Institute launched the second anti-bacterial polyurethane products for vehicles, polyurethane automobile skylight glass edging series products, with excellent antibacterial properties, once released, it immediately attracted widespread attention.

The test report shows that the anti mildew performance of this series of products reaches the highest level 0, and the antibacterial rate reaches more than 99.9%. It has excellent anti mold and antibacterial properties, and can inhibit the bacterial reproduction and growth activity of the window edge, so as to achieve the purpose of high-efficiency antibacterial.

“After the completion of the new self crust antibacterial steering wheel combination material, we independently developed another new antibacterial product – Antibacterial Polyurethane automobile skylight glass edging, which further upgraded the new polyurethane material in helping healthy travel.” Liming Institute deputy chief engineer, polyurethane development company general manager Zhao Xiuwen said.

As a kind of facilities to improve the comfort of automobile, skylight has gradually become the standard configuration of passenger cars. However, the skylight is located in the climate environment outside the vehicle and the occupant environment inside the vehicle, so it has certain particularity. The skylight is located on the top of the car. Under the condition of light and rain for a long time, the internal structure such as the water guide channel is often in a humid state, which provides a hotbed for the growth of all kinds of bacteria and molds. At the same time, the skylight is directly connected to the cockpit, which increases the risk of bacterial transmission, mildew and sensitization.

Experts believe that the novel coronavirus pneumonia is a normal way of disease. The application of antibacterial glass wrap materials is very important for blocking the spread of bacteria and protecting the health of occupants.

“The series of Antibacterial Polyurethane automobile skylight glass edging products are the new products of glass edge coating developed by liming hospital independently by using nano antibacterial technology and concentrating superior resources during the anti epidemic period Zhao Xiuwen said that the product’s 500 hour light aging gray level is 4; the odor grade is 3.0-3.5, which is ahead of the international similar product’s grade 4.0; the transportation and storage conditions of the modified isocyanate are relaxed from 15 ℃ – 35 ℃ of the international similar products to – 5 ℃ – 35 ℃; the first pass rate of the products is above 98.0%, higher than 93% of the international similar products; The mechanical properties such as tensile strength and tear strength are more than 20% higher than those of similar products in the world. Its product performance has passed the test of a famous car brand, and has been directly supplied to many auto parts manufacturing enterprises.

“Novel coronavirus pneumonia will continue to be strengthened in the future, and will contribute to the prevention of the spread of pathogens, the fight against new crown pneumonia and the protection of the health of the population.” Zhao Xiuwen said.

Post time: Sep-08-2020