Composite materials (Jiangsu) was selected as the special action cooperation platform of “strengthening the chain and expanding the city” of Jiangsu industrial Internet platform

In order to promote the healthy development of manufacturing enterprises in Jiangsu Province after the epidemic and realize the upgrading and iteration of industry and consumption, on July 30, the first batch of 38 “strong chain and city expansion” industrial Internet cooperation platforms in Jiangsu Province were released, and the special action of “strengthening chain and expanding city” in Jiangsu Province was officially launched. Fucai (Jiangsu) e-commerce Co., Ltd. attended the meeting as a special action cooperation platform of “strengthening the chain and expanding the city”.

The conference was hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Department of industry and information technology, and hosted by Alibaba East China Co., Ltd., Jiangsu industrial e-commerce alliance, saisheng Information Technology Research Institute Jiangsu Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Enterprise Information Association and Jiangsu Fengyuan Network Technology Development Co., Ltd.

At the meeting, Wang Junkai, President of Jiangsu saisheng Information Technology Research Institute, said that the implementation of the special action is aimed at promoting the in-depth cooperation between key industrial Internet platforms and e-commerce platforms inside and outside the province and Jiangsu manufacturing enterprises, and widely promoting three new online cooperation modes of cloud supply, cloud production and cloud sales in the manufacturing industry of the province, adding 100000 enterprises to the cloud within three years and cultivating 20 key industries The cloud platform of supply chain will create 50 c2m digital factories with sales of more than 100 million yuan, cultivate more than 1000 industrial e-commerce talents, facilitate the provincial manufacturing enterprises to reach more than 300 billion online transactions and service orders, and actively help enterprises achieve orderly and healthy development after the epidemic.

At the meeting, representatives of Alibaba, Suning, Haier digital technology and other enterprises spoke one after another, expressing their views on the special action of “strengthening the chain and expanding the market”. Nowadays, China’s manufacturing industry is facing internal development problems such as overcapacity and rising costs, and the external problems of rising labor, land and energy costs. Therefore, it is urgent to transform and upgrade, and intelligent, intelligent, and cost-effective Digitalization, automation and high-quality development are the general trend. This special action has gathered a number of excellent platforms in Jiangsu Province, which will surely make effective contributions and changes for the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, the creation of supply chain, the development of digital economy and the cultivation of relevant talents.

At the meeting, Zhang Zhiping, deputy director of the Integration Department of industrialization and industrialization, announced the list of the first batch of 38 industrial Internet cooperation platforms in Jiangsu Province and presided over the awarding ceremony. Rui Jiangfeng, chairman of Fucai (Jiangsu) e-commerce Co., Ltd., attended the licensing ceremony as a representative of the cooperation platform.

As the leading B2B e-commerce platform for vertical transactions in composite materials and coatings industry in Jiangsu Province, composite materials (Jiangsu) was selected as the comprehensive cooperation platform of “strong chain and market expansion”, which will help the upgrading and transformation of upstream and downstream enterprises in the composite and coating industry. Since its establishment, Fucai (Jiangsu) has been highly praised by its business partners in terms of e-commerce trading, intelligent logistics, industrial finance, science and technology services and digital media. This time, as a cooperation platform, won the award and participated in the special action of “strengthening the chain and expanding the market”, which is the recognition and determination of composite materials (Jiangsu) in the aspects of service enterprises, service product quantity, commodity coverage, domestic and foreign trade services, team professionalism and supporting cooperation plans.

After the meeting, Rui Jiangfeng, chairman of Fucai (Jiangsu) e-commerce Co., Ltd., said in an interview that after the epidemic, the country vigorously promoted the development of digital economy. Through the deep integration of digital technology and real economy, it has continuously improved the level of digitalization, networking and intelligence, promoted the upgrading of industrial Internet, improved the upstream and downstream supply chain, and continuously expanded the manufacturing and marketing channels and influence of Jiangsu Province 。

As a special action cooperation platform of “strengthening the chain and expanding the city”, Fujian composite materials (Jiangsu) will give full play to its platform advantages, actively help the manufacturing enterprises in the province “go online”, continuously strengthen the online and offline publicity and promotion of Jiangsu enterprises and products, help enterprises interpret government policies, actively expand and participate in relevant activities as a bridge to link the two sides, and work together with relevant enterprises In depth cooperation, with the new online cooperation mode of “cloud supply, cloud production and cloud sales”, we will build a c2m digital factory, open up the upstream and downstream supply chain, realize the efficient restructuring of manufacturing resources, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprise industry and information, and expand the effect of “strong chain and market expansion”.

In the next three years, driven by the special action of “strengthening the chain and expanding the market”, the development potential of Jiangsu’s advanced manufacturing clusters, industrial chain supporting, domestic and foreign trade will be greatly released. As a participant and witness of this activity, Fucai (Jiangsu) will actively respond to the call of the government, give full play to its resource advantages in data, market, capital and digitization, and contribute to the realization of “strong chain, intelligent manufacturing and market expansion” of Jiangsu manufacturing industry.

Post time: Sep-08-2020