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Aluminum  Composite  Panels ( ACP / ACM ) are  versatile  products  combines the qualities of metals with versatility plastics, it is a product flexible yet rigid at comparatively lower cost suitable for various applications like Facade, Roof, Ceiling and various similar engineered applications renovation or a new building. A material that offers unlimited possibilities to design your dream.

There is a wide range of Aluminum cladding products,Alucosun®  offers to the industry. Most prominent is composite products ACP / ACM we are well regarded as a firm capable to create world class products. Additional to the quality of products we offer our signature is commitment towards our promises and professional service strategy.

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Alucosun ®Aluminum Composite Panel is our excellent presentation to the global construction industry. Aluminum Composite panels are regarded as a constructive alternative several aspects to Aluminum Panels there are several features which makes it unique.


Alucosun FR® is tested and certied by world renownedLabs. FR Panels Class A2 and B(EN13501) Certied while and PE core panels are Class A(ASTME84) and Class 0 and 1 (BS476Part6, Part7). Additionally, Alucosun FR is certied to comply with NFPA285 and ASTME-119.


Alucosun® composite products are Light Weight materials comparing to s olid metallic sheets, glass or similar facades available in the contemporary markt.




Alucosun - FR® panels consist of a core with a compound having non-combustible mineral to ensure better fire and safety standard of the industry.

ACP – FR is composite product composed of High proportion of noncombustible mineral filled core Panels which meet requirements of EN-13501 to be classied under category B. Qualified product to be used as cladding and façade for building exterior residential or commercial buildings low rise and high rise. Additionally it complies with NFPA-285 and ASTM E-119 requirements.


Dimension Unit Standard Available
Width mm 1250, 1500 1000-2000
Length mm 3050 ≤8000
Thickness mm 4 2-6
Aluminium thick mm 0.50 0.15-0.70

Test Properties

Criteria Test Method Unit Value
Physical Properties Thickness -- mm 4
Specific Gravity -- Kg /M3 1900
Weight -- Kg /M2 7.5
Therm. Conductivity ASTM C 518 W/(m.K) 0.45
Therm. Expansion ASTM D 696 X 10-6 /°C 24
Mechanical Properties Tensile Strength ASTM E8 MPa N/mm2 49
Elongation ASTM E8 % 5%
2% Proof Stress ASTM E8 MPa N/mm2 44
Sound Transmission Loss Noise Reduction ASTME413 STC 27

Fire Performance

In Aluminum Composite Panels Core materials play a major role in determining the fire property of the building . Without sacrificing any of its basic properties Ocean Panels ACP - A2, ACP-FR are products designed to cover the fire and safety norms across the world.

Fire Performance Comparison

Alucosun FR-A2 Alucosun FR  Alucosun PE
Thickness 4 4 4
Combustible Material in Core <10% <30% <100%
BS / EU standards EN13501-1(A2 s1 d0) EN13501-1(B s1 d0) --
US Standards NFPA 285 (Passed), ASTM E119 (Passed) NFPA 285 (Passed), ASTM E119 (Passed) --
Australia / New Zealand  AS/NZS 1530.3 (No ignition) AS/NZS 1530.1 (No ignition) --
Germany En1187 (Passed)DIN41027 (Passed) En1187 (Passed)DIN41027 (Passed) --
Singapore EN13501-1(A2 s1 d0) EN13501-1(B s1 d0) --
UAE EN13501-1 (A2 s1 d0)NFPA 285 (Passed) EN13501-1(B s1 d0)NFPA 285 (Passed) --

dimen3Colors& Finishes

Various color and finish options make Alucosun ACP a favorite choice of building envelope. Variety of spectra, durability of the paint systems quality of the finish etc. Makes it a suits to any application of cladding whether it is a commercial building, iconic structure with unique identity or an established brand. Alucosun ACP offers a variety of standard and custom finishes out of in-house coil coating facility. Alucosun ACP is surface finished with PVDF and NANO paint system in continuous coil coating process which ensure quality and consistency in compliance with AAMA 2605 specification.

PVDF paint system with composed 70% PVDF resin is known for high resistance to UV rays and environmental effects therefore Alucosun® is durable and consistent performance in extreme weather conditions.

FEVE paints are known for their excellent durability. The superb chemical and physical properties of these quality paints have been well recognized and proved by the worldwide users and architects during the past forty years and now this is still continuing every day.

NANO- PVDF is a self-cleaning paint system. Such Paint system provides an additional clear top coat with highly crosslinked NANO particles on PVDF finish; which ensures smooth surface. Smooth and clear surface makes dirt and dust difcult to stick on which gives the building an always clean look. PVDF and NANO paint systems are highly durable assures 15-20 years of finish warranty.

ANODIZED panels with various finish options are available in Alucosun however it is subject to certain time and size ® limitations. Naturally protected by anodized layer panels are highly durable scratch resistant provides warranty about 30 Years.

PE and HDPE paints are used widely in many applications thanks to the extensive ranges of colors and economyconsideration, now the guarantee years can be extended from 5 years to 8 years with the different types of coating.HDPE finishes are also available as custom paint system.


Though traditional used of Aluminum Composite panels are wall cladding and advertising applications, nowadays it is widely used in various sectors like decoration, exhibition, vehicles like container Trucks, trains, airplanes, ships, furniture, architectural elements etc. As ACP is a flexible material which can be used in conjunction with imagination of the designer and architect to visualize magnificent creations.  Versatility in applications encourages us to search and develop unconventional finishes to fuel the passion of providing unlimited options. Some of the major finishes available in our Aluminum products are as below, however it is not limited here; if you can imagine we can create it.

Pvdf Painting Propertites

S.No Parameters  Test Standard Result
1 Gloss @ 60 degree ASTM D 523  20-80
2 Formability (T-bend) ASTM D1737-62 2T, no cracking
3 Reverse impact-crosshatch NCCA II-5 No pick off
4 Hardness-pencil ASTM D3363 ≥2H
5 Adhesion ASTM D3359 No pick off
Dry Method 8 No pick off
Wet 37.8°C, 24 hrs No pick off
Boiling water 100°C, 20 min
6 Paint Thickness(μm) AAMA2604 25-36 μm depends on the coating layers
7 Abrasive resistance ASTM D968-93 40 l/mil
8 Chemical Resistance ASTM D1308-87 No change
Acid Resistance ASTM D1308-87 No change
Alkali Resistance ASTM D1308-87 No change
Solvent Resistance AAMA 2605-05 No change
Cleaning Resistance
9 Weather-o-meter test: ASTM D2244-93 Max. 5 units after 10 years
Colour retention ASTM D523-89 Min 50% after 10 years
Gloss retention ASTM D4214-89 Max. 8 units for colors & 6
Chalk resistance For white after 10 years
10 Salt spray resistance ASTM B117-90 Pass (400hrs X5% NaCl)
11 Humidity resistance ASTM D2247-94 No blisters After 4000 hrs,100 % RH, 38°C



Recommended Method Of Cleaning

The extent and nature of the building wash will depend on the material or system, its geographical location and position within the building, and the degree of cleaning that's required. Normal maintenance is work generally recognized as necessary to achieve the expected durability.

Adhere to the manufacturers or suppliers maintenance recommendations During cleaning,a ll access equipment such as ladders, staging, mobile scaffold, cherry pickers or similar, should be prepared with pads to protect the panels from impact. Improper cleaning resulting in coating damage shall not be covered by terms and conditions of product warranty.

Do not use strong organic solvents.

Do not use strong alkali, strong acid or abrasive cleaners. If these solvents and cleaners were used, the paint may swell, flake or crack.

Do not use high-pressure water to clean as this may cause damage to the joint sealant or cause paint to be removed. Water blasting is not recommended.

Do not mix different cleaners. If cleaners needed to be mixed, ple ase follow the manufacture's instructions.

Avoid extreme temperature to clean the coated surface. Sun-heated surfaces(above40℃)may accelerate chemical reactions and may evaporate the water from solution leaving residue and stains. On the contrary, extremely low temperature may give poor cleaning effects.

Alucosun ®a venture of Wisdom Metal Composites Ltd that bring outultimate products in collaboration with our celebrated manufacturing facility located at Jiangsu, having about two decades of rich experience in Aluminum Panel Industry. Alucosun a® brand that caters all your architectural panel needs, Equipped with all in-house facilities to ensure the quality product and delivery commitments. We offer best products with ultimate perfection; achieved by an ideal blend of industry experts, latest technology and sophisticated machinery. Established facility to produce more than 10Million M2 per annum,with three(3) plants for various Panel Production, Color Coating along with well equipped In-house Laboratory and Warehouse.

Alucosun® operates throughout Far East, Middle East, Latin America, Europe and Americas. Our regional offices, trade associates, agents and distributors all over the region enable us to meet your requirements for our architectural materials and support services wherever you need it.

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